Wednesday, March 23, 2016

February_Busy Month

Peschiera del Garda_Italy 2016

It has been a very month, I almost forgot how I got it survived. Apart from daily work in the office, I have to cope with my assignments at night, day and night non stop working.

I always think it is better to be busy than nothing, then there will be a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction after all.
Therefore I am glad that I am in the architecture field.

Time truly flies, 3 semesters have gone and I can't wait to finish the last semester.
I guess I've started to miss the working life. Many of my friends have been jealous about me to be able to further study and travel around the Europe. Well, there is a always price paid, perhaps only those who understand me will know how I manage all these things.

Travelling makes me realised the world out there is so much beautiful, and I want stay longer in Europe to explore a little bit more. I wonder the price to pay for a little longer will it be overwhelmed? It is just a matter of time as well as the courage and God's timing, perhaps I will leave here for good.

Let's see where God will lead me, I am pretty excited for everything that He brought to me as it is something always for my own good. I have travelled to so many countries and truly He has placed to in the right country which has most of the things I like.

The beauty of life is when you discover about yourself and you draw yourself closer to your inner self
be honest and truthful to yourself
live the best you can. 

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