Saturday, November 7, 2015


Switzerland, One time is never enough. 

My friend who recently want to explore the Eastern Europe asked me some advises on the accommodation and itinerary of the trip, it truly brought me back to the past memory I had when I was travelling alone explored the Eastern Europe.

For the whole summer, I have been travelling. This is probably sound extravagant, but definitely worth for lifetime. One time is never enough especially country like Switzerland and Austria in which I really want to explore again in future. Country that I haven’t been to, and pretty much wanted to go there are Germany, Northern Europe, United Kingdom, Spain, Greece, Netherlands and France, definitely want to explore before I return home.

I always ponder about this question, is this going to be my last year in Europe? Time is crucial because I don’t have much time left, seemingly much works to be completed in the final year, I am overwhelming by it. I am ambitious to learn, to experience, to explore and to travel as much as I can.

If God is willing, then I am ready for a greater challenge and purpose.

I surrender.

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